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La cellulite

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La cellulite

By Susy Mandia

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-What is #cellulite? And when does it form?

β€’ When the adipose tissue accumulates excessively in the subcutaneous layer by trapping water inside it, a particular tissue is formed, which is commonly called 'cellulite' .

-Can we fight it? What are the remedies?

β€’ The first remedy to be adopted to combat cellulite is to change one's eating habits, favoring a healthier and more balanced lifestyle;

β€’ It is essential to keep the body well hydrated, drinking at least one and a half liters of water a day;

β€’ The foods to avoid are absolutely sweet and sausages! It is also recommended to include foods with a high fiber content in your diet, because they improve intestinal transit by reducing the accumulation of sugars and fats, including: whole grains, apples, fennel and legumes (chickpeas but also beans and lentils). br>

Medical notes on #cellulite:

#cellulite can also appear in thin people, due to problems inherent in lymphatic circulation and venous return, which can cause a stagnation of liquids (lymph is a liquid that collects waste materials from the body and flows in channels parallel to those of the blood).

In response to this phenomenon, the fat cells swell and the Collagen fibers (main component of all connective tissues, with the role of giving elasticity to the skin) compress until they break. This is how the swellings and nodules responsible for the "orange peel" appearance are formed.

Curiosities about #cellulite :


Caffeine, being a stimulant, promotes microcirculation and reduces water retention (factors that help fight cellulite). Furthermore, the antioxidants contained in the coffee contribute to the disposal of waste, thus obtaining a more toned skin.

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