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July 14, 2019: Djokovic-Federer, the divine match

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July 14, 2019: Djokovic-Federer, the divine match

By Lorenzo Corleto

The scoreboard of the Center Court , packed for the occasion with many fans and celebrity, marks 14 o'clock, when Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer enter the field. Everything seems to be perfect , as if God had decided to pay homage to two of his sons: the audience cheers on their favorites (especially King Roger, considered the master of the house) , the field , despite the usual arid portion that is created during the tournament near the two bottom lines, demonstrates an optimal seal during the initial warm-up, even the gloomy and the gloomy London climate gives way to a sun radiant yes, but not canicular.

Djokovic appears, as usual, confident and imperturbable like an automaton, strong of only two sets lost in the whole tournament. Federer, for his part, is back from the memorable and wonderful semifinal won against Nadal.

Let's start. Federer beats. Ace. Just to make it clear right from the start that winning the eighth title at Wimbledon, and therefore the overcoming of the record shared with Sampras, did not quench his desire for victory. . The Swiss takes the game home, but Djokovic counters, giving life to a first set of study and waiting, but also of pyrotechnic exchanges.

The equilibrium does not break, the two champions keep their service games without too many worries and we arrive at the tie-break .

You know, in tennis the one who misses less wins and in particular in the tie-break the one who does not give up anything and remains solid with the head . We are therefore in the Djokovic house, whose mental strength is out of the ordinary . But something turns wrong, he makes 2-3 free mistakes and goes under 5-3 , more because of him than thanks to the opponent. From this moment, Federer sends two straight into the corridor and a passerby to the net. We are 6-5 Djokovic . The situation has turned upside down. In the next point, Federer backhand cue, the ball floats for a few seconds in the air and falls a few centimeters from the left side line. 4 consecutive points for the Serbian and first set won as a real lion with a final fist. Federer, disconsolate, changes his shirt, but in his heart he would also like to change the outcome of the last dramatic 4 points.

The second set opens with an immediate twist: Djokovic loses badly the first turn of service, but also in the following games he seems off , almost as if he wanted to give the second set to the opponent and a longer match to the spectators. Above all he is wrong (and blatantly, being his strong point) of backhand and finds himself under 0-4 .

Federer does not take pity as in the first set and, thanks to many winners (stratospheric the slice / short ball at 0-30 of the seventh game), seals an undisputed supremacy. He closes 6-1 , after a second serve out by Djokovic pulled like a first. 1 even set , ball in the center.

The third act looks like a photocopy of the first: Federer easily holds the first game service and all subsequent 8s slip away to the advantage of the batter . The level rises as the enthusiasm of the public, but no one goes crazy to win the point. Order , concreteness, short but spectacular exchanges are the leitmotiv of the challenge, with some (not rare) exceptions that make everyone present, including VIPs, jump out of the place. Like on 30-30, 5-4 Federer. After 12 cannon shots, the Swiss opts for the lungolinea solution and climbs to the net, Djokovic, with one of his classic slips, reaches the ball in the back, but a central shot and above all slow . The Swiss is lurking and with a delicious demi-volée closes the point. Djokovic remains motionless, the spectators do the opposite. Total delirium .

The clock marks almost two hours of play, when Federer