8 luglio 2014: il Mineirazo

July 8, 2014: the Mineirazo

By Lorenzo Corleto

Mineirao Stadium, Belo Horizonte, 5pm. The 22 players enter the pitch greeted by a green-gold wall that glitters without finding interruptions. The Championships 2014 World Cup are underway in Brazil and the sparkling host team faces the granitica Germany in the first semifinal.

The precedents between the two teams smile at the cariocas , but the latter have to do without two players due to injury: Neymar and Thiago Silva , indispensable elements in the chessboard orchestrated by "Felipao" Scolari .

The Germans , as well as their opponents, have encountered different difficulties in almost all the matches of the competition and therefore want to make their mark in this game from the cinematic scenario.

After the anthems of the two teams (from goosebumps the Brazilian one), the Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez marks the beginning of the challenge with a strong and decisive whistle, which lights up the soul of the 60,000 spectators and inflames with adrenaline a clear and serene sky.

The first 10 minutes go beyond the typical initial phase of a football match: no study or awe, but immediately overturning in the face, counterattack, < strong> dynamism on both sides. German ball possession is accompanied by whistles and buu of fear rather than hatred, as every time the Brazilians move towards the air of the opponent's penalty the decibels increase and the ball seems to be pushed by the public.

At the eleventh minute Germany, on the wave of the aforementioned frenzied pace , takes the advantage : corner kick from the right by Kroos, Muller breaks away from the traffic jam created in the center of the area and is free to bag < / strong> on the fly. 1-0 for guests. Low , the coach of the Germans, rejoices, but the ball is already positioned in midfield, a sign that the Brazilians immediately intend to make up .

The carioca reaction is, however, labile and ends in a potential scoring opportunity for Oscar on cross by Hulk, but the ball does not reach the foot of the attacking midfielder due to a providential deviation by Boateng.

The public stir up their favorites at every contrast and the climate, already seething, is now becoming more and more incandescent : following a slip by Boateng himself on Marcelo, considered foul by the Brazilians (but, to honor true, definitely correct), a small brawl starts which forces the race director to intervene.

The nervousness is skyrocketing and soon changes in disappointment when Miroslav Klose signs the German 2-0 after a sublime triangulation between the attacker, Kroos and Muller (it is his sixteenth goal to World Cup, surpasses the previous record of Ronaldo il Fenomeno stopped at 15 ).

Not even the time to recover from the blow that Julio Cesar < / strong> he has to collect the ball from the goal net again after only 2 minutes : Lahm's cross, Muller's smooth that favors Kroos behind him, who lets go a sinister impregnable in the corner. 3-0 in the 25th minute.

A minute later, Fernandinho's mistake, the same Kroos takes advantage and steals the ball, duets with Khedira and supports with the door unguarded for the 4 - 0 . For Scolari's national team, the dream of the final at home vanishes in just a quarter of the match.

Incredibly, now it is the German fans who vocally overwhelm the Brazilian supporters, who are limited to emit a buzz