Open your eyes to never close them again – Morion Open your eyes to never close them again – Morion
Open your eyes to never close them again

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Open your eyes to never close them again

By Lorenzo Corleto

Another week, another race. After almost 7 months of activity , Morion has the same ambition and determination as in the first days, but experience has gained new goals, has allowed members to fit correctly into the project and instilled in them greater self-esteem and further willpower.

Let's start with the most important news: the group can now boast the presence of well 4 new guys and the Team Youtube and the Team Customize have been officially created.

The first started looking for collaborations with some gyms (one has already started), the second explored the stylistic topic linked to the brand.

The Communications Team has started the collaboration with Il Blog Del Tennis by writing an article, then shared on the other blog, about the Wimbledon clothing , as well as 2 new columns were founded: Morphatleta , whose name recalls the forms < / strong> sporting activity and its origins, its nature, its essence, and Fragments of sport , which tells in a romance a significant event of a particular sport.

The growth of the Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok profiles continues.

Regarding the last two social networks , the Trend Team has published a quiz and a survey on stories from Instagram and 4 post , while 3 new videos have been added to TikTok.

The Marketing Team carried out a market analysis on Nike together with the Strategy Team , with a attention paid to share , turnover and objectives and a video call was also held with Enrico Bricchi , head of Corax Business . The proposed proposal includes an affiliation with the Numero Diez site for the writing of articles on the world of football and also an initiative charitable together with a charity . For the new job, a dedicated work team has been created.

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