Il sogno non si ferma

Il sogno non si ferma

By Lorenzo Corleto

"We all have motivations. The difference between individuals lies in their ability to make them last for a long time despite obstacles, difficulties and problems. The ability to persevere, to make motivation last a long time is called resilience ". - Pietro Trabucchi

Here we go again: after exactly one year, Italy returns to live the nightmare of lockdown . Everything that is tangible and material stops, but the world is not just concrete. Rather. Behind the shutters of our bodies, the soul continues indefatigably and hidden to to work and to do what she has always done. The res cogitans (the thinking element), borrowing this definition from Descartes, travels free of burdens and allows man not to lose his freedom at least intellectual. In this difficult period, Morion believes even more in his project, relying on the ability of its members to go beyond the physical obstacle through ideas , the fastest and most effective means that exist.

The most important novelty of the beginning of the week is the creation of a new Team : this is the Youtube Team, responsible for managing Morion's content on the famous sharing platform , although it has not been planned still nothing but a small draft .

Published the seventh video on the TikTok profile by the Team Trend , in collaboration with Ilenia De Sena , while in the stories of Instagram a short quiz on the general notions of some sports. Together with the Marketing Team, the Trend Team then sent the materials to other tiktoker for the creation of new videos and at the bureaucratic level the delivery of their contracts has been completed.

The Communications Team has reached an agreement in principle with Barbara Milani , blogger of In2thewhite, for the sale of a series of products , all related to alpine skiing : a garment , a accessory typical of this sport and a gadget . After a necessary and in-depth study on the materials to be used, Morion and In2thewhite will be proud to start their collaboration . The Team can also boast the presence of a new blogger ; the introduction is aimed at drafting a new very interesting column which will soon be made public on our site. Finally, the 3 members of the group shared new content on Reddit and increased the visibility of the profile.

The Strategy Team , in addition to the traditional business plan work, continued the more specific Business Model Canvas and entered into a negotiation with a gym for an affiliation, despite the black moment that continues to haunt all sports facilities.

This demonstrates the spirit of Morion: the success is not achieved by looking up, but by starting below helping those who need help. Because losing contact with reality is not an opportunity to close in on oneself, but to huddle together to get out of a complicated situation together.

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