The key to responsibility opens every door – Morion The key to responsibility opens every door – Morion
The key to responsibility opens every door

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The key to responsibility opens every door

By Lorenzo Corleto

"It is the time you have wasted for your squad that has made your squad so important" - Antoine de Saint- Exupéry

I would like to start with this wonderful quote from the Little Prince to identify a concept very dear to every member of Morion: diligence in the work, although we fear that it may not bear fruit (Saint-Exupéry says " lost ", not" employed ", therefore, all the more reason, commitment rewards those who make sacrifices ), always repays .

The Team believes every day in the possibility that today's small actions turn into enormous satisfactions tomorrow.

Why the head and attention to detail trace the right path, heart and passion make it infinite .

The acts Thursday focused a lot on Tiktok : in addition to the continuation of the scheduling of the events, the Marketing Team delivered some products to the European karate champion, Michela Rizzo , for the creation of a video published on the same day.

For her part, the Team Trend contacted a influencer for a project on Tiktok and fine-tuned the content of a quiz and a survey , which will soon be uploaded to Morion's Instagram profile, while a new post on training.

The Communications Team continued to advertise the Reddit profile, added new content < / strong> and interacted with the other communities . Collaborations with other bloggers are always in vogue: a video call was scheduled for the following day with Alessandro Perrone , manager of "Il Blog Del Tennis", to discuss in detail the proposal of the boys.

The Strategy Team has updated, c as usual, the business plan e then studied the Business Model Canvas < / em> , edited the Customer Relationship and examined the Key Activities .

Friday the projects of the previous day were resumed, if not completed, except for the Trend Team , which started the search for new ideas and people to contact.

A reel on Instagram of the corresponding TikTok video by Michela Rizzo and the scheduling of the events continued in synergy with the Marketing Team .

The Communications Team has advanced its proposal of collaboration with “Il Blog Del Tennis”: a special < strong> column of articles concerning the world of tennis in general, written once once a week. The idea is liked and very soon, presumably from next week, the project will begin to take shape.

On Reddit 4 new post were added, while the situation was taken stock of the study of the peculiarities of blogs most famous and on their frequency of publication, along the lines of the SWOT analysis of competitors companies conducted by the Strategy Team in the previous days.

The latter contributed to share the contents of Reddit and worked on the now daily and necessary improvement of the business plan .

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