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L'infinito non conosce limiti

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L'infinito non conosce limiti

By Lorenzo Corleto

"If you build a wall, think about what you leave out!" - Italo Calvino

We often hear that we are destined to live within our limits . However, even science , which is the symbol of rationality , has shown, over the centuries, that overcoming the fateful "Pillars of Hercules" is not wickedness, but < strong> daring , desire to get into discussion , to satisfy one's own curiosity . Just as Ulysses did, Morion also has the ambition to embark on a journey far from all common realities to reach something never seen before. A odyssey in search of a dream, to be caressed first and lived fully then.

On the day of Tuesday , the Strategy Team perfected the business plan , studying a strategy development for the growth of the brand.

The collaboration between Team Marketing and Team Trend for the project is in vogue Tiktok and Instagram : a scheduling of all scheduled activities has been organized, while the search for new continues tiktoker and new trend , with particular attention paid to planning with Andrea Lippolis for the future. In synergy, the two teams proceeded to publish a post and a reel on the Instagram profile < / strong> of Morion, as well as the creation of a tiktok .

The Communications Team contacted the person in charge of Amopuglia , a charity body that deals with cancer patients, to start a collaboration . The idea proposed, however still in the pipeline, consists in the production of a special garment, whose proceeds sales will be destined exclusively to the association.

Promotions and social growth of Morion, both on Instagram and, more recently, on TikTok .

Wednesday it was a fundamental day, from which to draw lessons and ideas for reflection for an ever-constant improvement.

All i Teams have been engaged in numerous tasks : the Communications Team has consolidated the strategy of the blog and other activities that belong to it, but the most important concerns Reddit : Morion has landed on that too social network and has already published several posts . Given its enormous media potential, Reddit may be the right element for a clear quality leap of the brand. The collaborations with the other bloggers also continue: the Team will advance its proposals in future video calls with the directly interested parties.

The Trend Team is constantly looking for imaginative ideas for Tiktok and another video has been published on the channel (by Alessia Siciliano ), the third in total, while a new post on training . Together with the Marketing Team and with the addition of the Communications Team, the Trend Team continued the scheduling process for Instagram, TikTok and blog section .

The Strategy Team has started to analyze the organization of the “ Business Model Canvas " , in particular the " Value Proposition Canvas " , the value proposal made by a company to the market, expressed in terms of perceived advantages that consumers can obtain from the purchase of the solution proposed on the market. This aspect, too, like the business plan , is particularly delicate and requires careful work by the members of the Team.

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