The Morion Sport Community Vision The Morion Sport Community Vision
The Morion Sport Community Vision

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The Morion Sport Community Vision

Morion merchandise is distinctly Italian: featuring custom-design, high-quality materials that radiate elegance, and provide comfort. This activewear is intended for the highly motivated, active, and professional individual with impeccable style and class. 

A scene out of the life of our client:  You are a serious professional, habitually donning classic tailored suits and enjoying a reputation of respect and sophistication. Elegance in style and conduct permeates all aspects of your life. You are motivated, and active: enthusiastically going to the gym even after the toughest work days. Morion sportswear is always with you: comfortable, yet consistent with your image of easy elegance....even when working out.


Morion is more than just another sportswear brand: it's a community.

Established in September 2020 by Cristian Leo from Puglia, Italy, Morion began as a vision to unite people passionate about fitness, health, and sports. Apart from designing stylish activewear, the brand is committed to share valuable knowledge and skills about health and fitness; informational podcasts, recipes, scientific facts, workout videos, motivational music playlists, challenges, and much more.

We believe that the only way to live is to live actively...

So join us! Become a part of the International Morion Community of sports-lovers and health-enthusiasts!