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The Problem with Fast Food

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The Problem with Fast Food

In recent years, fast food has become increasingly popular and the food chains that offer it are expanding more and more. With today's post we want to reveal what lies behind your favourite fast food chains.

Burgers of all kinds, menus for all tastes and noxious additives, this is the recipe for their success. Their intent is to damage the health of the body through the purchase and consumption of hamburgers (and more), and while they make people sick with harmful chemical ingredients, they are disguised as irresistible foods for the well-being of the whole family.

Let's see what these foods contain:
AMMONIUM HYDROXIDE = is used to convert excess fat from meat into stuffing for their burgers. This chemical solution occurs through an antimicrobial agent unsuitable for human consumption, which is used as a fertilizer, detergent and brick cleaner.

POLYPHOSPHATES = the soft and juicy product, giving the greasy appearance. They cause digestive problems and intestinal obstructions. They remove calcium from the body and promote rickets.

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE = lowers the excitability threshold of neurons and causes reactions in the parasympathetic nervous system. It is responsible for allergies and the typical headache and feeling of nausea.

Fast food companies have undermined human nutrition through temptations made of fatty, salty and sweet foods. Their ads are effective for targeting people who prefer to eat in these restaurants rather than having food prepared in person at home. Let's face it, we all eat fast food, in one way or another, regularly or occasionally. The difference is how often you rely on it; once a month is not a big problem, while every day could become a source of future problems, even serious ones such as obesity or diabetes.