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Tracking Information

The order is understood to be conferred or accepted "unless approved by the house". The approval is expressed with confirmation or even with the sole fulfillment of the order.

By placing the order, the general conditions of sale are fully accepted.

For each order, the sales unit and its multiple must be followed.

We consider ourselves authorized to modify ex officio any quantities not corresponding to the sales unit.

The shipment is carried out free port with charge on the invoice if the transport is performed by a courier agreement with us.

Orders are processed, even partially, according to stock availability.

Any express delivery terms are indicative and never binding .

We have the right, according to stock availability, to cancel or postpone the quantities not delivered within the agreed terms.

For items not available, of partially fulfilled orders, the remainder that will become available will be shipped free port.

The goods travel at the total risk and peril of the customer even if sold carriage paid.

Any irregularities regarding quantity and quality, as well as any other possible defect or discrepancy relating to the goods delivered must be detected by the buyer, upon receipt.

As there are cases of shortages or damage to goods shipped by courier, it is recommended to scrupulously check the incoming goods and have the consignee sign any discrepancies.

Any shortfall, delay or misunderstanding must be reported to the carrier.

After 8 days from receipt of the goods, the right to submit complaints relating to defects or other discrepancies not belonging to the act of receipt lapses.

Returns are not accepted unless previously authorized by written letter, and never for customer's silk-screened goods or goods on request.

For the goods that will be returned, the details of the delivery notes and purchase invoices must be indicated on the bill of change.

The return must reach us carriage.

The goods descriptions and the relative colors published must be intended as indicative, any clarification and / or specification must be requested from our. sales office and verified by sample.