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Return Policy

Do you want to return or exchange an item?

We offer full refunds or exchanges on all items at full price. However, the articles must be:

- In the original packaging
- Labels attached to items
- No stains, hairs or odors on items

- Must not have been worn or washed

Your return must return to our warehouse within 14 days since you received your order. It is your responsibility to ship the items to the Morion warehouse.

Morion: Via Vecchia Surbo Zi, Lecce (LE), 73100

All items are carefully checked before embarking on any action and if the item you returned violates any of the terms described in this policy, Morion reserves the right to return the item to you in the condition in which it was received. Once your return has arrived back to us, we will process it as quickly as possible, however the process may take up to 5 business days. If you have checked the tracking number and your return has returned to us and has exceeded 5 working days, please email us at

Shipping charges are only refundable if you have received defective items.

Please make sure to keep proof of postage. Please allow up to 7 days to receive your exchange.

Have you received an incorrect / defective item?

If you have received a wrong or defective item, please send the item back to us by following the steps above. If your item is found to be faulty or we confirm that your item has been sent incorrectly, we can refund standard shipping costs to send it to us.

Please keep a copy of your postal receipt and send it back by email to our support team once your return has been processed.

You have 14 days from receipt of the defective item to return it to us.

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Contact us

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us:

Via Vecchia Surbo Zi, Lecce (LE), 73100, Italy

You can contact us by phone:

  • Monday / Friday: 8: 30/19: 30
  • Saturday: 8: 30/16: 30

To send us an email click here.